If you are a regular user or visitor to thewebwriters.com, we recommend reading this privacy policy to get a clear concept about our policy about private information. We consider it as a serious issue to keep your provided information private and secure.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect both personal identification information and non-personal identification information.

Personal Identification Information

We collect personal information from our users in different ways. We never do spam to collect any personal information. When you are visiting our site, we may ask to register on our site, or get the newsletter from our site, and more.

For this purpose, you may need to submit your email address, name, address, phone number, credit card information, and some similar data. However, submitting all personal information is not mandatory to visit our site. It is optional. You only have to share the information when you want to get service from us or you want to have a subscription on our site.

If you only visiting our site for general information, there is no need of providing any kind of personal information.

Non Personal Information

Besides personal information, we may also collect some non-personal information. At this point, we collect the information which kind of device are you using, which browser are you using, connection to the site, internet service provider information, the operating system, and similar things.

Web Browser Cookies

When you are visiting our site, we will collect the cookies’ information from the browser. This is because to improve the site’s performance when you are visiting. We will keep the record for further usages. However, we don’t force to give the cookies to us. You always have the option to stop sharing the cookies. You can reject the request from your browser settings.

Why Do We Collect Information from Our Users?

You may have the question of why do we collect information from our users. Well, there are several reasons for collecting the data. Here are in details –

Improving Customer Service – This is the first reason we do collect information from the visitors. When you are requesting a service from us, we want to follow up on it. So, we need to contact details and some related information.

Improving Our Site – Besides improving customer service, we also want to improve our site. For this, we need to understand how people are experiencing when visiting the site. That is why we used to collect non-personal information.

Personalizing the User Experience – We always want to give the best experience to our customers and users. So, we integrate new methods for users. For this purpose, we need some related information from a group of users.

Processing Payment – When you are buying something from us either service or any product, we need to process the payment. For this, we need payment information from you. We won’t get any pin or password of your card.

Running Promotion – When we are running a new promotion such as a discount or new offers, we want to let our customers know about it. We email the information to our existing customers.

Sending Newsletter – If we launch any new product or new service or any offer, we used to send the newsletter to our customers. We won’t spam with unnecessary data.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

Your personal and non-personal information will be protected. We keep your information only in our database where the trusted developers have access. There is no chance of leaking your personal information from us.

Do We Share Your Information?

We never share your data or personal information with any third-party platform. We will never sell the data to anyone. Our trusted affiliates only get the information when necessary.

Changes in the Policy

The authority of the site reserves all right to bring any change in the privacy policy without any prior notice. However, we will be uploading the changes in the footer of our site. So, we recommend our users to check the privacy policy frequently to get the new updates. However, we do the changes occasionally and the changes in the policy won’t do any harm to your experience with our site.

Acceptance of the Terms

When you are visiting our site, you are agreeing to the above privacy policy. If you have any issues with any of the policies, feel free to reach us with an email.


If needed, TheWebWriters authority reserves the full right to change the privacy policy without any prior notice.