Top 5 Best Motorcycle Dashcam For Touring (Supreme)

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Dashcam For Touring (Supreme)

Capture every near miss on the road with the best dashcam for motorcycles installed. Near misses are so frequent nowadays.

It will be a smart move if you get a dashcam installed on your bike now for clear video evidence.

There is a reason why I prefer the dashcam for motorcycles instead of Go Pros. It’s pretty annoying when your Go Pro battery dies in the middle of recording, or the SD card fills up, or mic connection starts to act weird.

It’s a pretty common scenario, ask any moto vlogger why they won’t use Go Pros anymore.

Having a dashcam system that starts recording every time the bike is on is such a godsend. If anything happens and you don’t have a camera, the dashcam is there for you.

You don’t have to worry about charging batteries, audio setup or mounting a camera on your face.

The great thing about a motorcycle dash camera is that it records in the front and the back. Let no crazy-ass fool bump you in the back.

Road rage is something most of the bikers have faced. Someone calls the cop on you for a near miss, and it’s all the biker’s fault.

It’s the 21st century for god’s sake. Be smart. Action cams can only do so many things. You need video footage on the front and the rear. And, it’s only possible if you get yourself only the best dash cam for motorcycle.

Why Do You Need A Motorcycle Camera?

Here is a short 10-second clip to show you exactly why you need a dual-channel motorcycle camera system for motorcycling.

This accident happened on March 20th on the Verrazano Bridge. As you can see the dashcam captured the whole accident perfectly.

Michael Cipolla who owns the 2013 Honda F6B installed a dual-channel cam to prevent road rage like this one. There weren’t any injuries though except the bike got hit pretty hard.

The obvious reason you want to set up a dashcam is to give you a vital advantage if you ever need to prove your case in court.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – Top Picks & Reviews

Whether it’s a collision, accident or a hit and run, if you want to keep evidence of your crash like Micheal did, check out these top dash cam picks and reviews for 2019.

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

The best in the business. The whole unit is IP67 rated which is a fancy term for waterproof. The DV188 is the perfect recording camera to use on a raining day. It comes with two Sony 323+6 light sensors, 1080p Dual Lens, GPS function, simultaneous dual-screen recording and many more.

It’s a complete package. The Blueskysea DV188 has a great night vision camera. The dash camera has 2.7″ LCD Screen with 960*480 dots display and 130-degree viewing angle. If you compare the display with another camera, this one is way brighter.

Splendid F2.2 Aperture for super night vision. This system uses advanced H.264 video compression technology to provide crystal clear image in low light condition. The WDR Processing technology captures more light so that you won’t miss out on important details.

This one uses V3 solution and 2G DDR to record and handle 1080P graph on both front and rear. Although the whole system is waterproof, the screen isn’t. The G-sensor lock protects your file when you crash.

Features I Liked Most

  • It has everything you would want in your perfect dash cam system.
  • Easy to install and very durable.


INNOVV C5 Black Camera

The only system that rivals the Blueskysea DV188. This motorcycle camera is discreet and unintrusive. The Innovv C5 is praised for many things. It has a simple and yet highly effective design. This camera comes with a waterproof lens case and milled from solid aluminum.

Full HD resolution and the overall system has IP68 (Dust and Water Protection) certification. Both of these lenses have a 120-degree viewing angle. The DVR unit has aluminum housing. It’s compact, well-built and easy to hide. Features storage support up to 128 GB.

Additional features include loop recording, G sensor, external/internal mic. The INNOVV C5 Black Camera is versatile and engineered for rugged use. It has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated, intuitive app for quick and easy control.

This is the ideal setup for touring. Capture every moment, record every breath and travel worry-free with Innovv C5 the best camera for motorcycle touring. This camera is also featured on, and in Road Runner Magazine.

Features I Liked Most

  • The C5 has a great video quality, and the performance is rock solid.
  • It can be configured and can be controlled by a smartphone.

HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera System

The HaloCam M1 is specially designed for motorcycle. It’s a dual-channel 1080p security camera system. The M1 is a professional grade dashcam system built with every possible feature that you would expect out of one. Dual-channel system with Sony Lenses for amazing video quality.

Both front and rear support Full-HD recording and the SONY IMX323 CMOS further enhance the overall video quality. Even is low light it can record some stunning footage. Both of these lenses have a 155-degree wide angle which is pretty useful when you want to cover multiple lanes.

The F1.8 large aperture captures 30 % more light to provide super night vision. Built-in Wi-Fi with a dedicated app to control the bike cam. Both of these lenses are waterproof and dustproof except the screen. The system uses 12V to 5V power cord to juice up.

For emergency use, there is a built-in lithium battery. Loop record and loop protection with 256 GB of storage support. Track your whole riding route with the GPS antenna that comes with it. You can also take panoramic shots with a press of a simple button. Don’t miss out on the best camera for motorcycle touring at a reasonable price.

Features I liked Most

  • Outstanding night vision camera and low light photos.
  • Capture, record, edit on the go with the dedicated app.

AUTOLOVER DV188 Motorcycle Dash Cam

The Auto lover DV188 is a pretty nifty product with all the features that you expect out of a motorcycle dashcam. It looks and feels almost similar to the BLUESKYSEA D188, even the model number is the same. At first, I thought it was a knock off the original DV188. Nevertheless, it’s one solid competitor. Whether you are a biker or an adventurer, you’ll find this one useful.

It’s a biker’s camera made for bikers. Full HD dual lenses on both front and rear with 130-degree viewing angle. Dual-channel simultaneous recording with the feature of swapping images when playing back on the monitor. Keep in mind the rear camera only shows mirror images.

This camera has an F 2.2 aperture for stunning night-vision footage. It also has a 2.7-inch High-res LCD screen which seems a little dimmer than other screens at this price point. It’s also not waterproof. Keep that in mind when installing this one. Tuck it away under the seat when it’s raining.

This Motorcycle Driving Recorder uses Allwinner V3 chipset. It’s super-fast and stable. Advanced H.264 video compression technology with WDR for image quality enhancement. Also supports loop recording and G-Sensor. Supports memory up to 64 GB.

Features I Liked Most

  • Fast sports action camera with a faster chipset.
  • Not very expensive but gets the job done.

VSYSTO WiFi Support Motorcycle Camera Recorder

The VSYSTO dual channel dash camera system has some unique features that bikers are asking for ages. Finally, a two-channel system with 2.5 meters long extension cable. Good stability and friendly options and simultaneous recording on both front and rear. If you are willing to pay more, this would be the best motorcycle dash cam money can buy.

Dual separated full HD camera with equipped with SONY IMX323 CMOS image sensor. 7-layer all-glass lens with a whopping 170° super wide viewing angle. It’s enough to cover multiple lanes and capture more details than ever. The result is super sharp image quality and a crystal-clear video.

The whole unit is IP67 rated. Waterproof unit except for the screen. Especially designed waterproof case allows you to use this camera recorder under any weather condition. The best is yet to come. The supercapacitor design gives you a longer battery life without the risk of explosion.

Features smart on/off function. Starts as you ignite the bike and stops three minutes after the engine shuts off or when the bike is not being used. 2 ways of monitoring, one with the 3-inch screen and another via the dedicated app with built-in Wi-Fi. Emergency recording mode aka G-sensor, loop recording, GPS tracker and others that you get in a high-end model.

Features I Liked Most

  • Premium quality dash cam with a slightly expensive price tag.
  • Smart controls and easy to install.

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring

Still can’t make up your mind? This following section will give a complete idea about dashcams and how to choose one.

Simultaneous front and rear video recording dash cams for a motorcycle is the next big thing. No more blurry, shaky low-res videos.

However, there are some common “must-have” features that you need to keep an eye out for.

Video Quality

Most of the high-end ones will either be 1440p or 1080p. Better the resolution clearer the recording. Don’t go for 720p (HD) resolution, it’s not worth it.


The dashboard camera is powered by the internal battery. As soon as you turn on your bike, your cam will start recording. It’s different from your action cam, and you don’t need any additional batteries.

Auto On/Off

Most of the onboard camera will start once the ignition key is on. Make sure you have enough free storage otherwise it will delete the oldest file and make free space for the new one to start recording.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is a neat feature to have. You don’t have to worry about your SD card getting full. It’ll overwrite the first recording without you having to do anything.

There is only one exception though. There is a function called G-force, if it senses an accident, it will automatically protect the video file.

Date and Time Stamp

Date and Time Stamp on the video recording will help you provide proof of an accurate record of the event. It’s built-in by default.

This concludes the basic must-have feature. Next comes the special ones which make them even more interesting and valuable.

“Special Features” Of A Motorcycle Dashcam System

These are the features that will separate a car dashcam from a motorcycle dashcam. Dashcam for a bike is different from a car.

In a car, the dashcam is installed inside, and you don’t have to worry about being easily stolen unless someone tries to break through the window and steal your camera.

On the other hand, a dash camera for motorcycles should be discreet. It needs to be small as to not draw any attention to it.

The best motorcycle dashcam system should be small, discreet and hardwired. I’ll get this point later on, but for now, keep these three basic principles in mind.

Dashcams should not be portable, as they can easily be the subject of theft. The cameras need to be hardwired, and the DVR unit should include control buttons.

Small and Discreet

Trust me, you don’t want to draw attention to your camera. These aren’t cheap. You don’t want to park your bike and run to a store and come back only to find that your precious onboard camera is missing.

Dashcams like Blueskysea, Innovv, Sri uses a wired video attached to the DVR unit. In this way, the cameras are easily hidden from the view. Most thieves wouldn’t dare to steal them because they will need to cut the wire which will render the whole system useless.

Solid and Reliable

For tackling tough roads and weather conditions, the camera should be made out of solid and reliable material like aluminum housing. It will be a whole lot better than plastic ones.


Most of them won’t be completely weatherproof but will be somewhat waterproof(ish) to get you through the day. Dashcam on a motorcycle should be able to withstand riding in all sorts of hostile weather conditions.

Easy Controls

Unlike car dashcams, you won’t be able to easily see the recording status while riding. This is because the location is versatile and is hidden to avoid being stolen.

However, modern cameras have improved a lot. Now you can easily control and track records of your footage from the control panel which is hardwired to a small remote. You can place it near the dash or the gauge area for quick and easy access.

Dual Channel Systems

You need to have a recording of both the front and rear. The sad fact is most of the accidents involves vehicle rear-ending a motorcycle. At the beginning of this article, you’ll see the same thing.

That’s why having a camera on both the front and the back will provide you with the necessary evidence required to file a case against the careless driver.

At A Glance

Most of the product mentioned above is featured with state-of-the-art technology. I avoided picking the low-resolution cameras because of their lack of producing good video quality.

In short what you want to look for is a Full-HD camera, solid build, WIFI feature, a dedicated app, large screen (2.7-inch preferred), a fish-eye lens with a super-wide viewing angle.

Considering all of these features, above the Blueskysea DV188 takes the lead with some minor lacking. But it will give you the best value for your buck.

If you are considering going all out and get the best possible dash cam for the money, then consider going for the VSYSTO motorcycle dashcam. It’s got everything you want in your system.

The INNOVV C5, on the other hand, sits in the middle of these two. All of these are waterproof and features almost the same technology.

If you are worried about the dashcams getting stolen, go for the most discreet one. I reckon anyone would hardly try to steal them because all of them are hard-wired.


Motorcycle Dash Cam FAQ

  • What is the best camera for motorcycle touring?

There are actually more than one. If I point out a single one, someone is going to get their feeling hurt. Boo hoo.

  • What’s the best camera for motorcycle vlogging?

Suck it up because the Innovv C5 is the best when it comes to vlogging. No hard feelings Blueskysea fanboys.

Final Thoughts

Bikers love putting cameras on their motorcycles. Whether it’s to record their experiences or just to be safe from reckless drivers. With so many cameras out there, it was tough to make a list of the Best Motorcycle Dashcam.

A camera that you can permanently mount to the bike should be preferred, and only the best one deserves to be mounted to your bike. Hope you found the perfect one for your next road trip.